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The psychology of music

The University of Florida put together this infographic below on the Psychology behind music. According to the graphic, music actually involves more parts of the brain than any other human function. It also increases language skills, creativity, and overall happiness (to name a few).

Comet PANSTARRS Just After Sunset

Have you seen the comet? As Comet PANSTARRS fades, careful observers — even with unaided eyes — should still be able to find the shedding ice ball on the western horizon just after sunset. Pictured above, Comet PANSTARRS (C/2011 L4) was pointed out from a hilltop last week on First Encounter Beach in Massachusetts, USA. The comet was discovered by — and is named for — the Pan-STARRS astronomical sky survey that discovered it. As the comet now recedes from both the Earth and the Sun, it will remain visible further into the night, although binoculars or a small telescope will soon to be needed to find it.

Banksy – the Spokesman of Our Generation

Banksy has become a cultural icon with his signature street art and supreme anonymity. His creations are often effortlessly detailed or poignantly simple, appearing overnight and turning the side of a building into a canvas for personal, political and social messages.

Architecture Of The Future

Besides the fact that they look like taken from a Sci-Fi movie and their constructions seem a bit shaky, some of them are a real deal. Compatible with environment and their surroundings, they’re planned...