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Science Facts Busted

Many science facts are considered common knowledge and, as a result, they’re not being questioned. Let’s get those ostriches for example: does it even make sense that they would bury their heads in the ground...

Banksy’s Art Project In Gaza

Street artist Banksy has just released his first project of 2015. First time Banksy has ventured to Palestine in 2005 and created nine world famous images on the Israeli West Bank wall. This is his second trip.

25 Modern Inventions That Are Really Ancient

It is widely believed that we are now living during the most technologically advanced era in history. However, and despite all the incredible advancements we have achieved as humans, more and more archaeological findings that come to light forces us to reconsider many things about our ancestors and their incredible contributions to our supposed modern inventions. These 25 modern inventions which find their origins in antiquity seem to support this theory.