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Home grown fantasy castles by Mattijn Franssen (33 pictures)

Dutch photographer Mattijn Franssen creates surreal worlds filled with castles, mountains, and desolation. He explores them all with his cat by his side. He started with drawings, proceeded to illustrations, and finally took a look behind a lens in 2004. Barely a year into photography, he tried his hand at digital manipulation and found out that he did it passing well.

Taboo Drugs

Find out why mind-altering drugs commonly used in ancient cultures banned in modern ones.

Giant man rescued by firefighters (13 pictures)

Firefighters had to smash a hole in the wall to save a 882-pound man (400 kg). Michael Lehberger Riegelsberg, Germany, called emergency services when he had heart failure. Firefighters used a cat digger and an ambulance built for four people to take him to a hospital.

Strange and bizarre creatures

We are not alone on this planet. Together with all sorts of creatures live here. Some of them are really odd and even cause goose bumps. Here are the strangest creatures living on Earth.