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Pitcairn: This Island Is A Paradise!

Island with no shops, crime, TV and unemployment. Even though people living there aren’t secluded from the modern world, they don’t have to participate in anything they wouldn’t want to. Pitcairn is an island populated by children and grandchildren of pirates that would just settle down, creating a small and wonderful community to grow old in.

Iconic Street Art From Around The World

Street Art makes art aviable to masses and it is much closer to people than the best painting or installation shown in a art gallery. Therefore we like it so much. There are many famous examples of street art around the world. Banksy, Fairey and Kobra are all on the list, as well as many other iconic street artists.To see and learn about some of the very best street art known to man, check out infographic below.

Warning Signs That State The Obvious

The whole point behind warning signs are to alert us about doing things that could be hazardous towards us, and if you value your life it’s usually best to read them and act accordingly. However, there is a fine line between hazardous warning signs and what we like to call “stating the obvious warning signs”.

The Melbourne Cup

Few events capture the imagination of the Australian public quite like the Melbourne Cup. Ever since 1993 the race has become a global event with the best international horses making the long trek over...