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Sneeze In Slow Motion Looks Amazing

Although we all know that sneezes and coughs transmit infections, little research had been done to model how they work. In this video you can see how sneeze looks in slow motion.

Mind Blowing Reflection Photos

These amazing reflection photos are only few examples of how stunning reflections can be, if you constantly keep your eyes open and choose the right moment and angle to take a photo.

The history of Banksy Street Art

Talking to the streets of dark night, Banksy is known for hi political and satirical graffiti and the increasing speculation of who he truly is. Posters, canvases, and tattoos have been sold and created for those who true Banksy fans that appreciate his work as a masterpiece.

Step into an optical illusion

In Demon Hill, the rules of gravity don’t apply as you expect them to. Down is not down, exactly. The room, created by Los Angeles artist Julian Hoeber and on display at the Harris Lieberman Gallery in New York, is modelled on a stock roadside attraction, Hoeber says. It’s based on a simple trick: the room is tilted on a compound angle. The result is disorienting and highly popular — drawing about 20,000 people when it appeared in L.A. Michael Landy, professor of neural science and psychology at New York University, explains how the piece creates a battle between our senses.