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Gyre: Creating art from a plastic Ocean

Join the Gyre Expedition for a close-up look at how garbage impacts our planet. This team of scientists, artists, and educators journeyed into the Alaskan wild this summer to study and gather marine debris. What they collected will become part of a 2014 traveling exhibit that seeks to bring the environmental harm of trash into perspective.

Portable scanners “read” brains on the go

Though EEG (Electroencephalography) has been around for decades, now, new technology allows us to detect and measure brain activity with a lightweight headset and mobile phone. National Geographic Emerging Explorer and entrepreneur Tan Le demonstrates how her company’s EEG headset and software can be used for a variety of research purposes.

Giant and creepy crawlers (28 pictures)

Are you afraid of insects and other creepy crawlers? Look at these photos and decide for yourself whether you want to meet these monsters live. Perhaps not all of them are dangerous, but the sight of them causes goose bumps.