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Why Engagement Rings Are A Scam

‘Diamonds are girl’s best friend’. ‘Diamonds are forever’! This hilarious but down-to-earth film will explain you why those little shiny rocks symbolize not only our love to each other but also eternity in general.

Above Arizona by Jakob Wagner (11 pictures)

Jakob Wagner was born 1985 in Herdecke, Germany. In summer 2008, he successfully completed his three-year apprenticeship as a photographer. He has since been living in Duesseldorf, where he has mainly been working as a freelance photographer, image editor and photo assistant. His work has taken him to many different countries around the world. When Jakob Wagner is not at work by assignment, he devotes much of his time and passion to his personal photography projects, which will culminate in future books and exhibitions. His photographs are available in signed and limited editions.

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Nice company

Henry Ford (the founder of Ford Motor Co.), Thomas Edison (inventor of the phonograph, motion picture camera and the practical light bulb), Warren G. Harding (29th president of USA) and Harvey Samuel Firestone (founder...