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Comet PANSTARRS and the Andromeda Galaxy

Image Credit & Copyright: Pavel SmilykExplanation: Currently, comet PANSTARRS is passing nearly in front of the galaxy Andromeda. Coincidentally, both comet and galaxy appear now to be just about the same angular size. In physical size, even though Comet PANSTARRS is...

The World’s First Projection Watch

Ritot is a new kind of wristwatch that looks like a bracelet and with a flick of the wrist projects the time on the wearer’s hand. Ritot uses a smart device application that allows the wearer to set notifications to be projected including incoming calls, texts, emails, social media, events, weather and others.

Ancient Pool of Water in the Middle of Sahara Desert

What you cansee in the desert besides sand dunes? You might think that nothing exciting, but it’s a big mistake. There’s an unusual place hidden in the middle of the sea of sand. Here’s how mirage would look like a mirage, if it was true.

Structure function and types of neurons

The nervous system is an essential part of the human body that helps in the transmission of signals across the various parts of the body, that is, it releases messages back and forth from the brain to the different parts of the body, and also helps in the coordination of voluntary and involuntary actions of the body.