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Childhood photos recreated years later (33 pictures)

We all have pictures of our childhood. Our parents used to document every move we made, whether it was a move to break things, to create a mess or we were just doing something first time. Childhood photos are so adorable, that many people is trying to recreate them. Well, it turns out if you recreate the exact same shot as an adult the result is both hilarious and creepy.

White Sea Bestiary by Alexander Semenov (62 pictures)

Most people think that pretty, colourful animals can not live in the cold dark water of the northern seas beyond the Polar Circle. This is almost true; there are no coral reefs, no clownfish or any other funny colored fish. The White Sea reveals another world with its own aliens, highlighting some truly amazing creatures. These colourful life forms will surprise anyone from a housewife to an experienced specialist. The Arctic fauna offers a totally different view of life forms then I’ve previously seen. It’s unique, inspiring and fascinating to study.