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5 Holiday Lies You Believe

There are a bunch of facts surrounding the holiday season you probably believe to be true, but totally aren’t! Anthony rights a few holiday wrongs.

The X-Ray Vision of Nick Veasey

The 47-year-old Englishman estimates that over the past decade or so he’s x-rayed more than 4,000 objects. “I’m interested in how things work, and x-rays show what’s happening under the surface,” he says. “Plus, they look cool.” To get his pictures, Veasey uses industrial x-ray machines typically employed in art restoration (to examine oil paintings), electronics manufacturing (to inspect circuit boards), and the military (to check tanks for stress fractures).

1000-Piece CMYK Color Gamut Puzzle By Clemens Habicht

You’d think that everything that could be done with jigsaw puzzles has already been done, but artist and designer Clemens Habicht proves you are wrong. His 1000 colours puzzle follows a CMYK color gamut (method by which printers achieve their colors).

This is what I want for Christmas.