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How Whales Can Change an Entire Ecosystem

Whales change the climate. The return of the great whales, if they are allowed to recover, could be seen as a benign form of geo-engineering. It could undo some of the damage we have done, both to the living systems of the sea, and to the atmosphere.

President Barack Obama’s ‘summer White House’ (6 pictures)

President Barack Obama and his family will travel to Martha’s Vineyard for eight days beginning on Aug. 10. The Obamas will stay in a home, built in 1961 and renovated in 2006, located on 9.5 acres in Chilmark, the wealthiest town on the island. The home features a private master suite with its own den, a pond, ocean views from the living room, and a small basketball court.

Interesting photo shoots of famous people

Daniel Radcliffe   Rupert Grint   Christian Bale   Jeff Koons   Mike Myers   Quentin Tarantino   Shaun White   Eddie Izzard   Benedikt Taschen   Mutu Wangechi   Maggie Gyllenhaal   Joan...