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A Cloud Illuminated By Lightning

While on a diving trip in the Grand Cayman Islands this past September, photographer Mike Jones captured this incredible lightning storm illuminating a storm cloud. Featured last week in The Telegraph’s ‘Pictures of the Day‘ gallery,...

Inside The Ebola Isoloation Ward

The current outbreak is the deadliest since Ebola was discovered in 1976. Entire wards have been created at hospitals just to make sure this disease stays contained and they look like something out of a science fiction movie.

Pictures showing everyday kindness (35 pictures)

There are so many kind people in the world. Being nice is not difficult, but it needs some polishing for others to realize your effort. A smile on your face makes others smile too. A kind word to someone, or holding a door open to the person who is about to enter, is really easy to do, and in the long run will make even you happy!