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12 Myths About S3x

Your sex-pertise may not be all it’s engorged to be, which is why you still believe ridiculous things like… Here are some common myths and facts about having s3x.

Could we speak the language of dolphins?

For 28 years, Denise Herzing has spent five months each summer living with a pod of Atlantic spotted dolphins, following three generations of family relationships and behaviors. It’s clear they are communicating with one another — but is it language? Could humans use it too? She shares a fascinating new experiment to test this idea.

Meet Man And Lion That Have Been Friends For 11 Years Now

Frikki Von Solms is a 69-year-old lion caretaker in Southern Africa and he’s spent the past 11 years raising Zion. Zion had to be separated from hi parents because the caretakers feared his father might kill him. Over those 11 years these two have formed a beautiful friendship.