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Beer and Your Body: Health benefits

We are always told that drinking is bad for us and that drinking leads to bad health. This infographic tells just the opposite. Beer is good for you! Just how much is debatable. But the good news is is that it suits your body well.

Fibonacci Mystery

Dr James Grime on the Pisano Period – a seemingly strange property of the Fibonacci Sequence.

That Time Niagara Falls Went Dry (9 pictures)

From June to November 1969 the American Falls were dewatered. This action cut back the normal flow of 60,000 gallons a second to almost nothing. Most of the diverted water was either sent over the Horseshoe Falls or diverted to the Robert Moses generating plant’s upriver intakes. The action enabled Canadian and US power companies and the US Army Corps of Engineers to do on-the-spot inspections and aerial photographs of the river bed’s rock formation. This was all part of a plan to reduce erosion to the Falls and it offered a view of the falls that no one will likely see again.

Fly to B.A.S.E.

Beni Kälin from chilloutparagliding and Dominik Wicki flying with the paragliders from Schilthorn to Jungfrau Exit and Buffalo Bill exit put their wings in the wingsuits and fly down nice little duathlon ….