The place where mind-blowing concepts meet visual awesomeness. Memolition is a cross-disciplinary repository of ideas and discoveries selected for demanding users searching for visually attractive material. High resolution pictures, graphics and hd videos are selected for their entertaining and/or educational value and published in an user-friendly format. Our editorial policy is to portray the fast-changing modern world with all its curiosities and paradoxes.

From sociopolitical phenomena, to peculiarities of nature, to technological advancements – when our editors find something to be strange and new, we make it our goal to publish it before the Internet world catches sight of it. You can think of Memolition as a treasure chest or a tool kit for your brain when inspiration or simply fun factor is needed in your mental process.

The website design is simple and makes it extremely easy to browse. The more convoluted and weird the world becomes, the simpler the formula of presentation – we believe that with our help human brain can meet the world halfway.

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