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This Illusion Will Brake Your Brain

Brusspup, which is undoubtedly the best YouTube channel for all sorts of sciencey tricks and illusions, recently released this video that uses four lenses that bend light in a way to make objects appear invisible.

I’m not sure how it works, for me that it’s all magic.

Military North Korean Propaganda Posters (17 pictures)

Many communist countries’ propaganda artwork has similar themes and North Korea’s is no different. Subjects such as a leader’s cult of personality, military might, utopian society and devotion to the state are common, and most North Korean billboards carry slogans rather than advertisements.

Namibian Nights

Video Credit & Copyright: Marsel van Oosten; Music: Simon Wilkinson Explanation: Namibia has some of the darkest nights visible from any continent. It is therefore home to some of the more spectacular skyscapes, a few of which have been captured...