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The best anti-smoking ads ever created

Education through anti-smoking media via television, radio, or billboards, magazines, and newspapers, has greatly increased the chances of current smokers quitting, according to a new report released by the CDC in honor of World No Tobacco Day today. Here you can find some of the best anti-smoking ads ever created.

Weird And Awkward Situations

Compilation of weird situations that will just make you ask ‘Wait… What?’. Yeah, we have no idea either. Let’s just enjoy the absurd, shall we?

Extrasolar Super-Earth Gliese 1214b Might Hold Water

Recent observations from the Subaru telescope in Hawaii found very little scattering of blue light from the parent star by the planet. This appearsmost consistent with a planet that has a watery atmosphere — although it is still possible that the super-Earth has clouds so thick that little of any color of light was scattered.

Stunning Metro Stations From Moscow

As of 2014, the Moscow Metro has 195 stations and its route length is 325.4 km (202.2 mi). Of those 195 stations many have interesting architecture and design that reflect the era they were built in.