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Full Earth-rise

In November 2007, Japan’s Kaguya spacecraft orbited the moon with a high-def camera onboard. You can see the first HD footage of an “earthrise” and “earthset” by checking out these still images (Earthrise and Earthset). The...

NGC 5189: An unusually complex planetary Nebula

Why is this nebula so complex? When a star like our Sun is dying, it will cast off its outer layers, usually into a simple overall shape. Sometimes this shape is a sphere, sometimes a double lobe, and sometimes a ring or a helix. In the case of planetary nebula NGC 5189, however, no such simple structure has emerged.

Feasting Vultures

In this startling black and white scene we see a group of White-backed Vultures feasting on an elephant that had died of natural causes. Wildlife photographer Morkel Erasmus took this shot in the remote far north...