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Why is light slower in glass?

Light is actually a really complicated ‘thing’ to explain. There’s two ways to think about light. Light can be treated like a particle or a wave.

The White Whale

An extremely rare white humpback whale was spotted recently near Norway. Welsh maritime engineer Dan Fisher made the startling discovery off the coast of Norway in August. According to the Daily Mail (where you can find...

25 most prolific spies and their top secret missions

Although their exploits are often popularized by Hollywood and quite often ride the line between completely unbelievable and just barely possible, spies really do exist. Of course, they are probably not running along the outsides of high rise buildings and paragliding into jungles but they do work as undercover diplomats, engineers, and lay people. They risk their lives in both war and peace, sometimes for a noble cause and sometimes for nothing more than the highest bidder. Enter the shady underworld of espionage as you learn about history’s 25 most prolific spies and their top secret missions.