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Why toothpaste makes orange juice taste bad

We learn early not to drink juice after brushing our teeth. But it isn’t just the mix of citrus and mint. The chemicals in toothpaste make your tongue more sensitive to bitter flavors ordinarily not detected in the juice.

Manhattan without lights

Before and after shots of Manhattan after Hurricane Sandy. Nearly 200,000 people lost power in downtown Manhattan for about a week. Image by Edwardo Munoz / Reuters

Interesting facts about the River Thames (22 pictures)

The River Thames is perhaps best known as the river that flows through London and indeed perhaps some of the most iconic images of the river are in London. However, there are a great many more interesting facts to learn aboutEngland’s longest river.

10 strangest of places where people live

Human is an amazing creature. It can survive in the harshest conditions. But some people manage to not only survive, but to live for years in a very unusual places. Hanging monasteries, caves, bridges, houses made of stone …

See ten most unusual places in which people live or lived.