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New Chapter In Private Homes Design: Extraordinary Pyramid House

This extraordinary pyramid house concept has been designed by Juan Carlos Ramos, an architect from Michoacan, Mexico. He has been working with architectural visualization for the last 10 years and has been involved in national and international projects for studios such as Neoscape and Fernando Romero EnterpisE.

New York City in 1973 (32 pictures)

See how New York looked like 40 years ago. How varied architecture and design of streets and people. Daily life of the old city captured forever in pictures. In 1973, the World Trade Center was officially opened. Two towers dominate the skyline.

When soldiers at attention pass out (21 pictures)

Why do soldiers faint after standing at attention for a long time? It’s because standing still for so long cramps up all your muscles and blood does not flow properly and this starves your brain of much needed oxygen so as a defence it shuts down to protect it from damage. It can also be because you are dehydrated or more commonly among soldiers, hungover.