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Why Do Rivers Curve?

Rivers pretty much never run straight. But why is that? Minute Earth explains what happens to a river over time as the water continuously flows.

10 Mind-Bending Theories About Time Travel

Bill and Ted, Marty McFly, those guys in the hot tub; time travel seems to belong in the world of fiction, but here are some ideas that might make it a reality in 10 mind-bending theories about time travel.

Fusion energy explained with Hydrogen atom example

In this video we will understand how to or more nucleons merge or fuse together to create something more powerful and meaningful.
Let us first understand the meaning of the word NUCLEAR FUSION, Nuclear meaning the process which involves Nucleus and Fusion in English means two or more entities coming together or merging together to form one single entity.

Top 3 Space Agencies You Never Heard Of

The US and Russia are hardly the only big names in space exploration. Right now more countries than ever are making their way to space. Trace looks at which countries are joining up to become interstellar explorers and where they’re headed.