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A Glimpse at Unseen Sea Life

There is so much beauty that the ocean has to offer, and many of us don’t get to witness any of it. Most people don’t put a second thought into the wonder and majesty...

The Olympians

A stylistic, low-poly 3D short that sees the Gods of Olympus descend upon central London to battle it out in a trial of athleticism to light the torch.

The Future Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

Photographer and journalist Asher Svidensky spent days with the eagle hunters’ families, learning about their way of life and how future generations will preserve the ancient tradition.

Abandoned Village in China Overtaken by Nature

Because of this seasonality, an old fishing village on the island of Shengshan was abandoned when it became more economical for the fishers to live and work mainland where fresh catches could be more easily transported and sold.