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Chernobyl: Humans more dangerous than radioactivity?

A nuclear accident devastated the region near Chernobyl, Ukraine, on April 26, 1986 leaving behind a 2,600 km² exclusion zone where some 350,000 people were evacuated. This vast area, where time has stood still ever since, is springing back to life with wildlife. The evacuation of the human population has created a unique wildlife refuge which has seen an increase in biodiversity.

Capillary action in plants experiment with paper towel

A Closer Look Molecules of water are naturally attracted to each other and form temporary hydrogen bonds with each other; their attraction for each other on the surface of a liquid, gives rise to surface tension. But they are also attracted in a similar way to other molecules, called hydrophilic molecules, such as those in the fibers of a towel; these attractive forces can draw water upward against the force of gravity to a certain degree.