Which apps should you really be downloading?

The app industry is booming, with world revenue expected to hit the $25 billion mark this year. Google and Apple have around 700,000 apps between them. So which do you choose? How do you decide which apps are worth a place on your home screen? Here we have compiled a list of some ‘underdog apps’ you should check out…




This is one of the top hidden treasures on our list. Foxfi enables users to tether their mobile to their laptops and tablets for free. For those of you unsure what this means, most contracts now provide ‘data’ for your Internet usage, however this data does not include tethering your phone (I.E. Making it into a WiFi hotspot to connect other devices). That’s where Foxfi comes in.




You may have heard of the popular free anti-virus software, Avast! Well, now the company have developed a free app for your smartphones too. The app allows users to scan their phones for free, preventing viruses. Not only can you keep your phone healthy, it also provides an ‘anti-theft’ service, allowing you to keep track of your phone anywhere.




BetTrader is Betfair’s new app, enabling customers to bet and trade without having to go online. And for the beginners, Betfair has even developed a ‘training mode’ allowing you to practice in the industry without losing any money. Generally speaking, trading may return up to 20% better odds than normal bookmakers – and that’s all available on this app, so it’s well worth trying it out.


Password Box


Whether you are super organised or super forgetful, this app is probably useful to every being on the planet. Password Box creates one protected space for all your passwords. We know what it’s like to have dozens of passwords for dozens of websites, accounts, and logins. Password Box is the secure solution to your problem, and they use the same encryption as the US government, so no need to worry about security.


AA Eco Dive


AA Eco Drive app follows your driving technique before giving you tips and tricks to not only improve your style, but also save you money. The app claims to help save motorists between 10 and 20% on their fuel bill and includes an award scheme – you can work your way right up to being a ‘Hero’ after using the app on 1000 journeys!


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