Does Federer have one more in him?

Roger Federer is hard to describe. That’s because there are no amount of hyperboles that can properly explain the talent of this tennis phenomenon. The Swiss star has won an incredible 17 Grand Slam tournaments as well as a Silver Medal at London 2012.

This summer Federer came within a set off becoming Wimbledon champion for an eighth time. The 33-year-old managed to come back from 5-2 down to take the fourth set but he ran into a carnivorous Novak Djokovic in the final set and was duly despatched. So can we see Federer win another Grand Slam?

As to be expected with older players the window of opportunity shortens with every passing day. Players over the age of 30 rarely challenge for silverware. In fact the last person to win a Grand Slam that was over the age of 30-years-old was Andre Agassi, who at the age of 32-years-old won the Australian Open back in 2003. Especially in the modern era, age is a huge factor. In just the past ten years the physicality and demands of the game have increased considerably, as a result, younger and fitter people naturally have an advantage. If one was to use age as a barometer to determine Federer’s title hopes, you would have to say no.

However, this is Roger Federer, and if anyone is going to defy the odds, leaving others stupefied, then there can only be one man, Federer. In the tennis betting the Swiss is fourth favourite for the upcoming US Open, a tournament that he could more than likely win. Federer was poor at Flushing Meadows last year, failing to pass the fourth round, and will be hoping to put things right this season.

Federer had a bad 2013, like really bad, managing to reach the semi finals of just the Australian Open. The prognosis on Federer’s playing career looked bleak – too many easy defeats to too many lowly ranked players – but he brought in Stefan Edberg as his new coach and he seems to have been immediately rewarded. Another semi-final exit at the Australian and a fourth round exit at the French Open were good but Federer’s runners-up performance at Wimbledon was the clearest sign that he can still challenge for titles – just one set was dropped by the 33-year-old on his course to the Wimbledon final.

His body may not be at the peak of his powers but that is not to say that Federer is no longer formidable. He may lack in power but mental strength, technique, skill, tennis knowledge all remain at their best.

It isn’t going to be easy for Federer but if Lady Luck does decide to give him a hand, much like with Andy Murray’s easy route to the Wimbledon final of 2013, and players like Rafa Nadal and Djokovic get eliminated early then Federer has a wonderful opportunity.


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