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People Who Have the Worst Jobs Ever (42 pictures)

There are days when we all feel like we have the worst job in the world. But when you actually compare one to another, there’s a definite measureable difference between jobs that are considered pretty good and those that aren’t. These people have jobs that are certainly not nice, what is more, they can be called one of the worst. What do you say to such a day at work?

Watch this gallery to appreciate your own job.

Commieblocks of Russia (55 pictures)

Commieblocks are invented by socialist governments to provide fast and cheap housing for its citizens. Most of them are in countries like Russia, China and Brazil, and provide the bulk of public housing. Commieblocks are rare in Western countries, but some of American “projects” are in fact commieblocks. Modern commieblocks are very clean, comfortable and prove to be excellent housing type with many advantages over urban sprawl.