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Huaxi village

  A worker walks down a road between houses under construction in Huaxi village, in Jiangsu province, on October 7, 2011.(Reuters/Carlos Barria)

How do 3D glasses work

A visit to the toilet is included in Professor Phil Moriarty’s explanation of 3D glasses. How do 3D films give us that three dimensional effect? Visit our website at We’re on Facebook at And...

What Is The Earth Worth?

Earth is the only planet that we know of that has the means of sustaining human life. So, it’s pretty priceless.
But what if we look at the matter more objectively?

We’re Only Human

Since we’re only human and always will be, we tend to do stupidest stuff we’re ashamed of later. Sometimes our attempts to impress someone go wrong, sometimes it’s just an accident. People below not only failed epically but also had someone by their side to record it.