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15 Surreal Satellite Images of Earth.

Aral Sea The Aral Sea, once the 4th largest lake in the world, continues to shrink and is now 10% of its original size. U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon recently called the drying up...

Can we expand our memory?

Sam went along to meet Professor Kevin Warwick, a world leader in cyborgs, to ask him some questions from our viewers about the world of cybernetics. Here’s one of the highlights of the full live stream where Kevin tells us whether it’s possible to give ourselves more memory by implanting a chip into our brain or whether we could upload information at east.

Science Experiments With A Superheated Ball Of Nickel (4 videos)

As we learned from watching Breaking Bad these past years, science that causes destruction is really, really, really awesome. But just because the finale was last night doesn’t mean we have to suddenly suffer a dearth of mad science in our everyday lives. Who hasn’t glanced up at their personal periodic table, hanging next to the Einstein with his tongue out poster, and upon seeing number 28, good old nickel, thought “man, I wonder what I could mess up with a superheated ball of that stuff?” Well wonder no more, and witness the supreme might of nickel versus common household items. Except the Wasabi Vodka. Hopefully that’s not common.