Great Social Games that are Still Played Offline

Online gambling sites have a lot to offer and even if people are betting on games like never before on their computers and mobile devices, many are still playing good old fashioned offline games. Nothing beats the social experience of a genuine board game. Not even the best live games where you can chat with the dealer and with the other players.

Here are some of the most social games that are still played offline.


You might have tried it for the first time when you started pre-school or even before that when you joined a grandparent at the local bingo hall. Online you can find amazing bingo games like 75 ball bingo but you might just as well gather some friends and play it around the kitchen table. With a simple set of balls, a ball mixer and bingo cards you will create a memorable event that attracts all ages.


This is another game that is great at connecting people. Today almost everyone seems to know the basics of poker, and all you need to get a game going is a card deck and some friends. You can play for money or use other variations like where players have to shed a piece of clothing every time they lose. The good thing is that there is absolutely no need to smoke cigars and drink whiskey to enjoy this game.


If you are looking for a simple game that can work well for different ages Ludo might be the answer. All you have to do is get your checkers around the board and back into the nest. The first one to accomplish this wins. Good advice is to let younger players win. This will not take one iota away from the fun. Bring friends over and have relaxing conversations as you gather around the Ludo board.


It is known as one of the best board games of all times and many countries have their own version with local streets to buy hotels on. There are even online slots that have been built with this theme since it is so loved. This is a perfect game for rainy days and it works well for different ages.


In this game you need to form sets with three or four of a kind. It is also possible to make runs with three or more cards or checkers in a row. The game can be played with cards and is also available in board game versions with checkers. When you play Rummy you can truly enjoy a social experience where the people you love the most are actually right there with you so that you don’t have to communicate using WhatsApp or some other chat service.


Chess is often seen as one of the most popular games. Even though you can only play two people at a time it is not unusual for several chess aficionados to gather around the board to discuss the development. This game can also be played online with the advantage of letting people find chess partners without a sweat, but some would say it is the best when you play it at home with a bunch of friends.

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