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A solitude man and his long exposure landscapes by Samuel Burns

The wait can last for up to eight hours.

Using his large format 4×5 camera, 33 year-old Sydney photographer Samuel Burns hides under a dark cloth to carefully compose his image on a ground glass, seeing the image up-side-down and back-to-front. He utilises old fashioned dials and movements such as rise, tilt and shift to adjust and refine his composure.

Monstrosities Illustrated

17th century was a golden age for any kinds of curiosities: pygmies, supposed mermaids, deformed fetuses, conjoined twins and other natural marvels were put on display and widely discussed, becoming the circus freak-shows of their time.

Stars in the 70s (24 pictures)

The decade of the 1970s in film involved many significant films. But the time passes quickly. See how the stars of the screen appeared in the seventies, which is already more than 40 years ago!