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Partial Solar Eclipse with Airplane

It was just eight minutes after sunrise, last week, and already there were four things in front of the Sun. The largest and most notable was Earth’s Moon, obscuring a big chunk of the Sun’s lower limb as it moved across the solar disk, as viewed from Fremantle, Australia. This was expected as the image was taken during a partial solar eclipse — an eclipse that left sunlight streaming around all sides of the Moon from some locations.

Vintage sexist ads

Advertisement is still sexist but early print advertisements were more blatant, some of them downright offensive. They can amuse us but could you imagine what the reaction would be if any of them were put up today?

Auction props from Hollywood movies

On the auction site Invaluable appeared a real treat for moviegoers – hundreds of listings of collectors’ items associated with the best and most well-known Hollywood films. Among which to choose – pictures, scripts, props, clothes.

Destructive wall of ice (12 pictures)

The 30 ft (9 m) high wall of ice was pushed out of a lake by a strong wind. It crashed into properties near the shoreline of Dauphin Lake in Canada, destroyed 12 homes and damaged 15.