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Crazy skydiving tricks and huge jumps!

What goes up must come down. Isaac Newton first identified the force we call gravity, and now Joe Geniuses are climbing to new heights to discover its influence. Watch as skydivers, bungee jumpers, and jet-pack-toting adventurers get a (sometimes painful) lesson on the uncompromising science of free fall.

Close-ups of American ghost towns

Abandoned towns exist all over the world, but there’s something uniquely American, about ghost towns. Perhaps it’s because so many sprang up in the 19th-century Old West, when a rush to find gold created an old-style economic bubble. When the money or luck ran out residents left leaving behind empty houses.

Daily life in the area of nuclear testing in Nevada. Instructions for residents

War in Asia caused the United States to reconsider testing nuclear weapons in the Pacific Ocean and to look for a continental test site. Conflict in Korea justified a less-expensive continental testing site in order to maintain U.S. nuclear weapons superiority. A Nevada site north of Las Vegas was chosen because of its safety features, which included low population density, favorable meteorological conditions (a prevailing easterly wind blowing away from the populous west coast), and good geographical features.