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Meet The Last Living People Born In 1800s

The fountain of youth may be a myth and immortality may be for the gods, but these women have the longevity of life on their side. There are only five known people left who were born in the 19th century, making them all at least 115 years old. These three Americans, one Japanese, and one Italian woman are the last living people in the world who were born in the 1800s.

Would you want to live as long as they have?

The man who can’t get fat (25 pictures)

Tom Staniford, 23, has the MDP syndrome, one of only eight people in the world suffering from the syndrome in which he is unable to store fat under his skin, causing him to lose all the fat around his face and limbs when he was a child despite being born a normal weight.

Cow Urine: Help Curing Many Diseases (7 pictures)

The Hindu believers regard the cow as a holy animal and say her urine has divine healing properties. A growing cult of Hindu worshippers in India claim that drinking fresh cow urine will help cure them of all diseases – including cancer.