See The Guts of Cartoon Characters: by Jason Freeny

He describes himself on his Facebook profile as a ‘maker of groovy things’. Yes, indeed. Freeny transforms inanimate characters, such as designer vinyl figures, into anatomical cutaways, revealing the imagined body parts under their plastic skin. He creates smart, intricate works through a mix of graphics, detailed anatomy, pop iconography and wit. To see more […]

Terrifying Bioweapons

Sadly, people have a tendency to kill each other off. Bioweapons are the most horrifying way to control or destroy a population. Stored in labs across the globe, they’re lethal, contagious, and in the hands of some very dangerous people.


Happy Couples' Secrets

In theory, we all know how perfect and happy relationship should look like. Unfortunately, life happens in a meantime and all theories go straigh out of the window. So here is an infographic that explains science behind relationships. Hope it helps!