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The Biggest Single Firework Ever

The Biggest Single Firework Ever

As part of the celebration of Malta’s Feast of St. Catherine, the single biggest firework was let off on the island on the evening of September 3, 2016. The firework weighed a staggering 260...

An underwater waterfall

Unbelievable Optical Illusions Created by Mother Nature

Mother Nature has created illusions so impressive and magical that we can’t believe all these photographs are real.  Its masterpieces are so astonishing and impressive that they seem to be part of some fantastic world outside our reality....

How To Make The Perfect Pop-Up Book

How To Make The Perfect Pop-Up Book

Using scissors, tape, and reams of creativity, Matthew Reinhart engineers paper to bend, fold, and transform into fantastic creatures, structures and locales. Get your own Matthew Reinhart pop-up book: Gods & Heros: the


The Best of the Mannequin Challenge

Take a break from election debates, depressing news, and thoughts of moving to Canada. The internet’s newest video meme (remember Planking and the Harlem Shake?) is here to entertain and delight. Known as the...