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U.S. Crushes 6 Tons of Seized Ivory to Save Elephants

The U.S. government destroyed nearly six tons of ivory on November 14 by crushing the products into tiny pieces. This symbolic event aimed to bring attention to the corruption and illegal activity surrounding the killing of elephants for the ivory trade.

Comet PANSTARRS and the Andromeda Galaxy

Image Credit & Copyright: Pavel SmilykExplanation: Currently, comet PANSTARRS is passing nearly in front of the galaxy Andromeda. Coincidentally, both comet and galaxy appear now to be just about the same angular size. In physical size, even though Comet PANSTARRS is...

Pictures showing everyday kindness (35 pictures)

There are so many kind people in the world. Being nice is not difficult, but it needs some polishing for others to realize your effort. A smile on your face makes others smile too. A kind word to someone, or holding a door open to the person who is about to enter, is really easy to do, and in the long run will make even you happy!