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Weird Things That Are Falling From The Sky

We’re all familiar with the phrase “raining cats and dogs,” but what about spiders and frogs? Since biblical times, there have been reports of strange things falling from the sky, often with little or no explanation, leaving people baffled – and often messy.

Let’s Talk About Cold Weather (5 pictures)

Since everyone has been complaining about the weather recently (of course you were!), we’ve decided to put together some heartwarming statistics about how others have it worse. Russia, for example. And Canada as well.
Dear US, you will be fine, we promise.
So brace yourselves , as winter will be coming every year, whether you like it or not.

Funny Birthday cards (19 pictures)

Aren’t birthdays and fun synonymous? People who have received these cards will surely have memorable experience. These unique Birthday cards definitely put a smile on their faces.

The ultimate adult Tree House (24 pictures)

Theresa and David from Elkhorn, Wisconsin, have learned that the big elm tree standing in the center of their property had Dutch elm disease, which was causing the branches to die. They decided to build a treehouse.