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M74: The Perfect Spiral

If not perfect, then this spiral galaxy is at least one of the most photogenic. An island universe of about 100 billion stars, 32 million light-years away toward the constellation Pisces, M74 presentsa gorgeous face-on view. Classified as an Sc galaxy, the grand design of M74’s graceful spiral arms are traced by bright blue star clusters and dark cosmic dust lanes.

The sloth photobomb

  It happened in Costa Rica to a group of student volunteers. The cameraman said: “As I looked through the camera lens I could see something creeping in to the frame. When I realized...

Painful Truths About Everyday Life

Irony is sometimes the best approach you can have when it comes to absurds of everyday life. Better to laugh than to cry, that’s for sure. How many of those painful truths below you...