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Earth 100 Million Years From Now

This video shows how today’s continents are thought to have evolved over the last 600 million years, and where they’ll end up in the next 100 million years.

Spoiled Rich Kids on Instagram (Part 2)

Young and not always beautiful, these kids probably have it all, at least moneywise. This is a collection of Instagram pictures they had to upload in order to share their happiness with the rest of the world. Let’s appreciate the gesture!

Curious facts about human body (17 pictures)

Of all experiences in nature, none are closer to us than the characteristics of our own bodies. However, the true nature of the human body is still being uncovered. Host of bizarre surprises, eerie findings and at times frightening facts await those who study the incredible machine.

The Japanese Love Industry

Japan is a country that is dying—literally. Japan has more people over the age of 65 and the smallest number of people under the age of 15 in the world.

It has the fastest negative population growth in the world, and that’s because hardly anyone is having babies. In these difficult times, the Japanese are putting marriage and families on the back burner and seeking recreational love and affection as a form of cheap escape with no strings attached.