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There Was No First Human

We can’t exactly point a moment when one species becomes another. Evolution just happens like a movie. If you traced your family tree back 185 million generations, you wouldn’t be looking at a human, a primate, or even a mammal.

Yummy Gifs: Hungry?

Guilty pleasures are the best part of life. Food is definitely one of them, especially when world around you screams ‘be skinny!’. Today it’s just whatever. Get your favourite cookies, bake something or make...

10 People With The Highest IQ In The World

IQ is nothing but the marks that a person scores after appearing for one of the many standard tests to measure intelligence level of individuals. The general score of 95% population from these tests...

University Creates A Special Puppy Room To Help Students With Stress

A puppy room for stressed-out students is being made available May 7th by the University of Lancashire student union’s SOS (Stressed Out Students) campaign. In cooperation with the Guide Dogs charity, students who book a time and make a donation of £1 will have access to the puppies, who will be accompanied by their handlers and have their own “chill room” for when they need a break.