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10 Reasons Not To Trust Your Memory

You might think you know your own mind, but your memory can play some confusing tricks on you. It lies to you a lot. It may be surprising to hear that, but it happens all the time.

Moqui marbles and Martian Blueberries

The photo above shows Moqui Marbles in their native habitat of southern Utah. These curious rocks are actuallyconcretions having iron (hematite) rinds. Very similar rocks, called blueberries, have been observed repeatedly on Mars by the rovers.

Fusion energy explained with Hydrogen atom example

In this video we will understand how to or more nucleons merge or fuse together to create something more powerful and meaningful.
Let us first understand the meaning of the word NUCLEAR FUSION, Nuclear meaning the process which involves Nucleus and Fusion in English means two or more entities coming together or merging together to form one single entity.