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Gasadalur Village in the Faroe Islands

Gásadalur is located on the west-side of Vágar, Faroe Islands, and enjoys a panoramic view over the island of Mykines. The tiny village (of 17 in 2007) is surrounded by the highest mountains on...

Animals Can Be Really Mean Sometimes (23 gifs)

The internet is overloaded with pictures of animals at their cutest, staring at the camera with their wide-eyed, innocent faces that say “I love you, human. I would never tear into your thorax or eat your spleen.”

But anyone who has ever encountered these beasts know that they will turn on you at any minute. Hell, they’ll even attack each other!

102-year-old ship became a floating forest (6 pictures)

Homebush Bay in Sydney is the place were many 20th century ships, which are no longer used, ended up: one of them, the SS Ayrfield, is definitely the most impressive sight for all the lush flora, growing in its rusted hull. The fully-grown mangrove trees earned this 102-year-old, 1,140-tonne ship the Floating Forest name among the locals.