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The World’s largest 3D street art in Lyon (7 pictures)

Renault Trucks offered members of the public a unique experience on the Place Bellecour in Lyon – an opportunity to enter into the world’s largest work of 3-D street art. This image is a game with perspective. It looks three-dimensional only after looking at it from the right angle. This performance has entered the Guinness Book of Records because of its size (about 4000 square meter of street art).

Maps of vast Empires that no longer exist

Every imperial project, no matter how great, eventually meets its downfall. In fact, you may be reading this in a country that was once part of a now-vanished international superpower. Here are maps that reveal the rise and fall of the world’s most ambitious empires.

Is Punishment or Reward More Effective?

Is punishment or reward more effective for helping people learn. A lot of people would say different incentives motivate different people, or in different circumstances, but in psychology there is a sizable body of evidence that in order to learn skills, positive feedback is more effective. This fining has been verified not just with humans, but also with other species.