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The Chernobyl workers now

Maisie Crow’s original short film introduces us to the city of Slavutych and its residents—survivors of the Chernobyl disaster and the workers still dismantling the plant.

The cost of being a Superhero: Then and Now (5 pictures)

It’s not cheap being a superhero these days, what with the burden of keeping a secret identity, dry cleaining the costume and in some cases, living a certain lifestyle to secure their secrecy. Mashable and Samsung teamed up to show the cost of living to be a superhero these days and the cost back in the day at the release of their first comic.

Science Alert: Are You Sitting Too Much?

We all know we spend way too much time sitting down – but what is it really doing to our bodies? You probably don’t want to watch this video sitting down. In fact, you probably won’t want to sit down at all after you’ve seen it.