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Why We Sleepwalk

Ever known someone to sleepwalk? Or maybe it’s even happened to you. Laci looks at why some people walk in their sleep, and puts to rest the question: is it safe to wake a sleepwalker?

Beautiful story of saving the baby sparrow (11 pictures)

One stormy night a guy and his girlfriend found barely breathing and completely blind sparrow belov their balcony. They prepared a box for him, tried to feed him, but without any luck. They placed him in balcony.. and wait…

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.

“I killed a man”: Confession video

Matthew Cordle recorded and published the video, where he talks about how he killed a man while driving under the influence of alcohol. He regrets his action, so he decided to admit to it openly and take full responsibility for the disaster. He warns others from drinking and driving. His story is called “confession”.

How Do Our Eyes Work?

In ancient Greece, some people believed that eyes worked by projecting beams of light. Learn more about the science of sight in this Cheat Sheet video.