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Are you Vitamin D deficient?

Basically, humans need Vitamin D. It promotes bone health (a major issue for the elderly and children) and could be a factor in keeping cardiovascular disease and some cancers at bay. Sunlight is where we get most of our Vitamin D. For those living above the 42 north line though, from November through February there is not enough UVB sunlight to make vitamin D in the skin. Therefore there needs to be another way to get your daily dose of Vitamin D! You can get it from food (cod liver oil, margarine, egg yolk, fish and beef liver), or vitamin supplements. So next time you feel like you’ve been inside for far too long, eat some of these things or go out and have some fun in the sun!

25 health myths that need to be debunked once and for all

When it comes to our health, it always helps to be in the know. With so many “facts”, it’s hard to distinguish which ones are correct and which ones are not and with all the talk about health tips, good information is bound to get distorted over time. In 25 health myths that need to be debunked once and for all, we shed light on the supposed “medical facts” that we constantly run into.

Beached Whale Art in Greenwich, London (8 pictures)

A lifesize fiberglass sculpture of a beached whale on the bank of the River Thames at Greenwich, in London. It is so realistic that a number of people have believed it to be real. The artwork is not designed (necessarily) to frighten the kids: it is part of the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival.

Weird pregnancy tests

Trip through the history of pregnancy tests through the ages, from ancient Egypt to the first home pregnancy tests of the 1970s. It’s generally not a very pretty story, but it should help make us very grateful for the modern conveniences we have today.