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RAD Emergency Bra

The RAD Emergency Bra is a bra convertible into face masks with a radiation sensor incorporated into the body of the bra. It costs $50.

Design Your Own Baby: Patent Granted

Genetics company 23andMe was just granted a patent on technology that allows you to design a child in the same way you might a car or a house. Is this really the future of baby-making? And if so, is this a good or bad development? Anthony dives deep into the patent for answers.

How Much Sugar Do Americans Consume?

Within that routine comes the consumption of sugar and if you’re not careful, you might be over consuming without even knowing. The statistics in this infographic, created by OnlineNursingPrograms.com reveals the absurd amount of sugar consumed by Americans daily and annually and the results, while not shocking, make you want to throw up the mocha, caramel frappachino you’re drinking while reading this. Sugar has been linked to some common diseases you may be familiar with such as diabetes, obesity and hypoglycemia, but also have been linked to tension, fatigue and even cancer.

Old Wives Tales by Alicia Souza (40 pictures)

Old wives’ tales exist in every culture and are often so pervasive that we take them as the truth. Lately, science has shown that most are no more than legends, while surprisingly, others have turned out to be true. Learn some of the ones your mother taught you that you should be listening to!

5 Weird Facts about Seeing Red

You’ve probably heard people say that they were so angry that they saw red. Or maybe you’ve noticed that the sleekest, curviest sports cars are usually scarlet-colored. So why would this one color come to represent such a wide-ranging duality, everything from eroticism and courage to and anger and brutality? And do bulls really respond to the color red.