Old Wives Tales by Alicia Souza (40 pictures)

Old wives’ tales exist in every culture and are often so pervasive that we take them as the truth. Lately, science has shown that most are no more than legends, while surprisingly, others have turned out to be true.  Learn some of the ones your mother taught you that you should be listening to!

Alicia Souza is a happiness-illustrator who resides in the lovely-weathered Bangalore, India with her two insanely-cute but naughty furries. She’s done commercial work for lovely large companies to passionate new entrepreneurs and enjoys them both equally. Regular updates can be seen on her FacebookGoogle+ and Blog.

After the wonderful response from her first solo exhibition of products, she decided to bring her products to online store. A year, a whole lot more exhibitions, samples and trials later, and with the help of her most loyal local manufacturers, a very patient web developer and joint hands with a wee dedicated team, Alicia Souza now brings your order to your door.

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