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Beer Vs Wine: The Great Drinking Debate

Autumn is here, meaning changing leaves, cooler days, and, most importantly for beer drinkers, Oktoberfest! But as time goes on, beer imbibing is decreasing as wine drinkers increase in numbers. Who will reign supreme as the go-to alcoholic beverage? As someone who enjoys a geuze as much as a pilsner and a malbec as much as a Thunderbird, I say “Can’t we all just get along?” So pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine or open a bottle (or can) of your favorite beer and look over these facts to come to your own conclusion.

5 Amazing Facts About Babies

You know what’s weird? Babies. They cry but don’t produce tears; they can crawl before they can … crawl. And they have MORE BONES THAN YOU! Learn more about these and other odd truths about newborn miniature humans.

Is Chocolate Poisonous to Dogs?

Under the right conditions, chocolate can indeed be deadly for dogs. Tune in to learn more about the compound in chocolate that makes it dangerous for dogs (and how much is too much) in this episode of BrainStuff.

Smoking Timeline

To quit smoking cigarettes may seem like a simple goal for some people, but as many smokers know, it’s easy enough to talk about quitting cigarettes, but actually doing so can be much more difficult.

Today’s infographic gives us a look at both the short term and long term benefits of putting down cigarettes permanently.

Is Veganism Really Healthy?

Few diets are as difficult to follow as a vegan one. No animals or animal products period. It’s simple in theory, but it presents a whole host of health concerns, as well practical ones. Laci has what you need to know if you’re thinking of making the vegan switch.