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What Is Consciousness?

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Beautiful street art by Jesse Olwen (8 pictures)

Jesse Olwen is an interdisciplinary Canadian artist based in South Korea. His work aims to bring life to overlooked sites by installing his work (acrylic paintings on wood) directly in the scene. The pieces can be removed, therefore not defacing the site. Olwen’s work suggests beauty can be found in unlikely places.

Is The Universe Flat or Curved?

The universe in incredibly vast so how can we measure its sheet? By looking at the leftovers from the Big Bang scientists have figured out its curved like a saddle.

Power of Imagination: Brilliant LEGO Ads (15 pictures)

For many of us, LEGO provided the building blocks for our fervent childhood imaginations. I have fond memories from my own childhood of playing with LEGO and loving the freedom to build whatever I wanted. Many of you may even continue to use LEGO to this day! Below are a series of ads that beautifully communicate this sentiment of freedom and imagination. Enjoy!