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Latest Digital Trends in Purchasing Smart Vehicles

Latest Digital Trends in Purchasing Smart Vehicles

By 2025, the global connected cars market is expected to value at 84.2 million units,  according to Market Watch. The automotive industry is evolving at an incredible pace due to technological advancement. The growth of...

Hallucinogens as medicine

Is it possible that, because of the war on drugs, we have demonized a treatment for otherwise untreatable diseases? A way to increase personal well-being, permanently treat depression, break the cycle of addiction, and ease the transition from life into death? The solution to all of these problems (for many people) might be a nice, hallucinogenic trip, but taking that trip can be harder than you might think.

Funny Birthday cards (19 pictures)

Aren’t birthdays and fun synonymous? People who have received these cards will surely have memorable experience. These unique Birthday cards definitely put a smile on their faces.