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Bird Sun Dog

Have you ever seen a little rainbow off to the side of the Sun? Rare but rewarding to see, such spectacles are known as sundogs, mock suns or parhelia. Sundogs are just sunlight refractingthrough hexagonal falling ice crystals in the Earth’s atmosphere. When thin ice crystals flitter down nearly horizontally, they best refract sunlight sideways and create sundogs.

100 Years of American Men’s Beauty

From handlebar mustaches to man buns to top knots, men’s hairstyles have grown a lot over the past 100 years. In this video yuo’ll see how style of the grooming of American men has changed...

Amazing Women That You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

The history we learn in school is strongly male-dominated. Luckily, most history classes do include some major female figures. But there are so many more women who did amazing things throughout history but probably got left out of your high school history book.