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FingerReader: wearable text-reading device

The FingerReader is a wearable device that assists in reading printed text. It is a tool both for visually impaired people that require help with accessing printed text, as well as an aid for language translation.

What Happens If You Go Without Water?

Ever wondered what happens to your body if you don’t get enough water? Our bodies are mostly water by weight, so in today’s episode of SciShow Hank explains what happens to your body as it starts to shut down when you go without that tasty H2O.

Ballerina wears knife shoes to perform En Pointe

En Puntas features ballerina Amelie Segarra dancing the en pointe ballet technique (in which the performer typically dances on the points of their toes) on the tips of huge, menacing kitchen knives in an empty, darkened theater.

The city where everyone wears a gas mask (7 pictures)

Miyakejima, a small island located in southeast Japan. Despite the high level of volcanic activity that causes poisonous gas to leak from the earth that forced the 3,600 island residents to evacuate in 2000.

In 2005 citizens were allowed to return to their homes. About 2,800 chose to return, laden with gas masks and dire warnings about noxious gas still seeping through the land.