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Stunning Underwater Hotel Room (9 pictures)

The Manta Resort in Zanzibar has a 4-bedroom hotel room designed by Swede Mikael Genberg. The room is located below the surface of the water. The room costs $900 for one person per night or $1500 for a couple. You can actually sleep underwater.

10 countries that commit the most cyber-attacks (+bonus)

The cyber space is a growing community where everyone can reach out to one another regardless of time and distance. It has become a new way of life, but has its negative repercussions as well. Some individuals use the cyberspace for their own dubious schemes, as they target unsuspecting individuals, companies, banks and even the military and government agencies. Here are the 25 biggest cyber attacks in history that were launched as large-scale cyber terrorism and affected whole sovereign nations.

Mutant vegetables of Fukushima (34 pictures)

South Korean website posts photos of mutant flowers and vegetables from Japan. They say it happened because of the Fukushima nuclear disaster. But it is not clear where the produce was farmed from and whether the nuclear disaster is in fact to blame.

How and why do we snore?

Unfortunately for all of us, snoring is one of the loudest noises a human can make. Noise levels of up to 92 decibels have been recorded which would make it quite impossible to sleep...