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Sunset at Dog Rocks

The glorious twilight sky above was captured at Dog Rocks, Batesford, near Geelong, Australia on January 18, 2013. I happened to be the only one here this evening and was treated to these gold and red hues just after the Sun dipped below the horizon. Mid-level clouds were positioned just right to reflect the reddened sunlight. Without clouds or aerosols of some kind, sunsets and sunrises are generally lackluster. Notice also the set of faintcrepuscular rays just to the right of the silhouetted juniper in the foreground.

25 worst military decisions ever made

Overconfidence, carelessness, and momentary mental breakdowns can have pretty bad consequences in every day life. Imagine for a moment though what sort of catastrophes they can lead to on the battlefield. With millions of lives on the line one little mistake can literally change the world. From Word War II to Thermopylae these are the 25 worst military decisions ever made and how they affected the course of history.