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See The Guts of Cartoon Characters: by Jason Freeny

He describes himself on his Facebook profile as a ‘maker of groovy things’. Yes, indeed. Freeny transforms inanimate characters, such as designer vinyl figures, into anatomical cutaways, revealing the imagined body parts under their...

Then and Now: 4th of July

This summer, the United States celebrates a big birthday – 237! This infographic brings us back to colonial times, and gives us a little deeper dive into the logistics of Independence Day.

Panama Canal turns 100 (24 pictures)

Panama Canal turns 100 years old in 2014. The Panama Canal is a 48-mile (77.1 km) ship canal in Panama that connects the Atlantic Ocean (via the Caribbean Sea) to the Pacific Ocean. The canal cuts across the Isthmus of Panama and is a key conduit for international maritime trade.

Out of this World

Out of this World: “I took this picture inside the crater of the Ijen komplex. I spent nearly the whole night in this unreal and beautiful place to shoot timelapse sequences for my new...