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America in World War I

John Green teaches you about American involvement in World War I, which at the time was called the Great War. You’ll learn the war’s effects on the home front, some of Woodrow Wilson’s XIV Points, and just how the war ended up expanding the power of the government in Americans’ lives.

Bring back the woolly mammoth!

It’s the dream of kids all around the world to see giant beasts walk the Earth again. Could — and should — that dream be realized? Hendrik Poinar gives an informative talk on the next — really — big thing: The quest to engineer a creature that looks very much like our furry friend, the woolly mammoth. The first step, to sequence the woolly genome, is nearly complete. And it’s huge.

An Airplane Crosses the Moon

In this perfectly timed photograph by Chris Thomas, we see an airplane passing directly in front of the Earth’s moon. Taken back in 2010, Chris posted the amazing capture to Ice in Space, an Australian...

Miniature working human heart grown in petri dish

Scientists from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine have successfully grown a working heart in a petri dish using the frame of a mouse’s heart and adult human skin cells, reverted back into their basic stem cell state. The heart works fully but beats at only half the speed of a full human heart — as well as obviously being too small. However, the breakthrough is the latest in a long line of developments which could revolutionise organ transplants.

Scooby-Doo and the Gang get a modern makeover (12 pictures)

Good ol’ Scoob and Mystery Inc. have had an outdated style for some time now, so photographer, Jeff Zoet, sought out to ‘hipster’ them up a little bit. In this surreal shoot, Scoob and the gang take on the zombie apocalypse equipped with shot guns, hand guns and yes even a cross bow. The shoot titled, “Scooby Doo vs The Zombie Apocalypse” has fun mashing up our favorite childhood amateur detectives with “Walking Dead” style zombies. Velma, we had no idea.

10 Unsolved Murders

Some were brutal, others mysterious but all 10 of these murders remain unsolved. Music = Time Bomb by Lincoln Grounds, Ben Ziapour, Jason Pedder and Barrie Gledden