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Weird food from around the world

Needless to say: one person’s delight is another one’s disgust. From an exterior and, let’s say it, North American point of view, some exotic dishes may appear weird, if not utterly disgusting.

The Walking Dead

Mobile Horror to Hide in the Cupboard With

Feeling frightened should be the last thing on a person’s to-do list but the eternal popularity of the horror genre seems to defy that assumption. Whether it’s a video game like Silent Hill, a...

The Mexican army’s Museum of Drugs (27 pictures)

The Mexican army’s Museum of Drugs, which isn’t open to the public, is designed, according to Capt. Claudio Montane, to educate military personnel about the historical roots and modern-day methods of the drug trade the army has been called upon to fight. But after spending a couple of hours there, it’s strikingly clear that the fight is very far from over. Deborah Bonello for the Los Angeles Times.

Shocking facts about Steve Jobs (10 pictures)

Steve Jobs is undoubtedly one of the most successful men of the century. He was the mind behind all the Apple products that we know and love. In 2010, it was estimated that Steve Jobs net worth was $8.3 billion. But this are well-known informations. This article contains much more information. Some of them are quite unbelievable.