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Living on the Edge

The person sitting on that ledge is Alex Honnold. He’s been proclaimed the best free soloist (i.e., climbs without ropes) in the world. The startling image above (posted to Reddit and tracked down to photographer Tim Kemple) shows...

Cool Chocolate LEGO Bricks By Akihiro Mizuuchi

Usually, LEGOs are simply a choking hazard as far as eating them is concerned. But Japanese artist and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi has solved that problem by making everybody’s childhood dreams come true – he has created edible chocolate LEGOs.

Origin of our common vegetables

Vegetables are a fixed part of human daily diet. When you buy them in the grocery store you usually only pay attention to how they look. But have you ever wondered from where in fact they come from?

The human and the honeybee

Both honeybees and humans originated in East Africa, and the connection between us has survived the ages. Some of your favorite delicacies — coffee, chocolate, mangoes — have the honeybee to thank for their hard work of pollination. Dino Martins encourages us to remember how much we owe to these magnificent insects.