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NYC Subways In The 1980s Were No Joke (43 pictures)

The New York City subway in the 80s was a completely different experience than what we have today. These days all you really have to worry about is sitting in the occasional pee puddle in the last car late at night. But then… you must see it for yourself!

Banksy Sells His Art On The Streets Of NYC For $60 To See What People’s Reactions Would Be

Banksy continued his month-long experiment in New York by offering a deal so good, nobody would take advantage of it. He set up a table in Central Park selling original canvasses for $60. The lonely old man selling the art didn’t even make a sale until 3:30 in the afternoon, and that was to a woman who talked him down 50%. By the time he folded up the table at 6, only $420 worth had been sold. When Banksy posted this video of the experiment, New Yorkers throughout the city cursed themselves for missing out on an investment easily worth five figures. I was planning on going to the park on Saturday but opted for the free Wallflowers show in Times Square instead. What was I thinking?

Banksy’s Sirens Of The Lambs (8 pictures + video)

Across New York City this weekend, a slaughterhouse delivery truck is carrying 60 creatures to their death. But this is no ordinary truck and these are no ordinary creatures: the creatures are actually stuffed animals and the truck is a part of Banksy’s Better Out Than In street exhibit. Behold, Banksy’s Sirens Of The Lambs.