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Beautiful landscapes from video games (22 pictures)

As technology advances and the video game industry continues to grow, the immersive worlds that developers create become more ambitious and expansive with each release.

Below you will find some of the most beautiful video game landscapes.

Crowded Earth: Where is everyone going to live?

60 million people every year are heading into the cities — and the UN estimates the trend is going to continue until 85% of the whole population end up living in the cities. We explored some of the strange things happening on earth in our cities. If you liked it, share it!

The Seven Lost Cities Of The World (20 pictures)

The lost cities of the world were all once upon a time, great cities that belonged to great civilizations. But despite all their glory and power, none of these cities lasted to the present day due to many reasons, ranging from natural disasters such as a volcanic eruption as seen in Pompeii, Italy; to people-inflicted damage as seen in Persepolis, Iran. Many of these cities came to a sudden end, unexpected by its residents.