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The Best Swimming Holes in the USA

If you love swimming, you may decide that your backyard pool or local public pool just doesn’t cut it. If you wan’t to be one with nature, swimming in a clean, natural pool free...

Take a Walk Along These Beautiful Paths

There is just something about paths that, like sunsets, photographers just can’t stay away from. They appear so magical and ethereal and always have an air of mystery. When trees grow around the path, it...

Phosphorescent Sculpture

An Alternative Bucket List

For so many people, a travelling bucket list means pretty much the same thing. New York at Christmas to feel like you’re in a rom-com, Las Vegas for the glitz and the glamour, Australia...

Eerie Abandoned Places In Britain

Simon Yeung traveled around Britain exploring and photographing breathingtakingly beautiful and incredible abandoned locations. For more info and photos please visit artist’s Instagram via