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Have you been saving up for a dream vacation but you aren’t sure where to go with your hard-earned cash? Over at TedyTravel you can find hundreds of different places to travel, with beautiful images and descriptions of each place.

Are you into beach vacations? Tropical paradises? Maybe you prefer the experience of an outdoor hiking adventure at a national park, or a low-key stay at a beautiful resort. No matter your traveling preference, you can find a destination to suit over at TedyTravel. The site is constantly growing with new and exciting places to visit.

For example, take a peek at these posts featured:

auberge du soleil - tedy travel

For the Luxury Resort Vacationers: Auberge du Soleil

Located in Napa Valley, California, this amazing and expansive resort has no end of amenities for you to treat yourself. Stay in rooms decorated in a relaxing and beautiful Mediterranean style with views of the lush countryside. Dine in a five-star restaurant and indulge in some delicious Napa wines.

punta cana

For the Beach Goers: Punta Cana Beach

Located in the Dominican Republic is this amazing beach featuring some of the most clear blue waters you will ever see. Spend your days relaxing on the shores, swimming in the waves, or relaxing on a hotel terrace. If you are up for a little bit of adventure, you can venture into the nearby cities for a taste of the local culture.

cliff palace from mesa top loop road - mesa verde national park - colorado

For the Adventurers: Mesa Verde National Park

Located in Southern Colorado is a beautiful and expansive national park with some of the best preserved native american artifacts in the country. You can take individual or guided hikes to visit some astonishing cliff dwellings or view centuries-old petroglyphs. You can camp on the grounds of the park, or stay in a lovely lodge on site.

Edinburgh Castle

For the History Buffs: Edinburgh Castle

If you love to keep your mind active as you travel and enjoy immersing yourself in the history of your adventures, take a skip over the pond to Edinburgh, Scotland. Soak up the incredible architecture and learn about the royalty that resided in the castle and the battles that raged there over the centuries.

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