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Perfect Timing As Airplanes Fly Past The Sun and Moon by Sebastien Lebrigand (10 pictures)

Remember the Pan Am passenger plane that flew through space in 2001: A Space Odyssey? Well now a photographer named Sebastien Lebrigand has created the same effect without hiring a special effects company. Lebrigand accomplished the feat through the use of a special telephoto lens designed for astrophotography and incredible timing. He has managed to capture amazing images that create the illusion that normal airplanes are flying past the sun and moon. Some of the most jaw-dropping are posted here.

RAD Emergency Bra

The RAD Emergency Bra is a bra convertible into face masks with a radiation sensor incorporated into the body of the bra. It costs $50.

Design Your Own Baby: Patent Granted

Genetics company 23andMe was just granted a patent on technology that allows you to design a child in the same way you might a car or a house. Is this really the future of baby-making? And if so, is this a good or bad development? Anthony dives deep into the patent for answers.

GoPro Releases the Most Adorably Heroic Video to Hit the Internet

Cory Kalanick, a firefighter out of Fresno, California was linked up to a GoPro helmet cam during a mission and on a post-fire walk through managed to find an unconscious kitten. Kalanick managed to nurse the kitten back to consciousness with some water and an oxygen tank. No word on if the kitten ultimately survived, but Kalanick will never have trouble getting a girlfriend for the rest of his life, because if being a firefighter isn’t enough to get you a girl, being a firefighter and rescuing a kitten back to health should be.