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Inside Google’s incredible Dublin Campus (46 pictures)

Located in the heart of the historic dockyards district (a.k.a. Silicon Dock), Google has helped put Dublin on the map as a technology hub in Europe. Office is made up of thousands of Googlers from over 65 countries, overseeing sales and infrastructure for our businesses in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Ultrasound in Football

Filmed with the physio department at Wolves FC, this film has animation created in-house explaining the complex physics behind ultrasound works.

The Physics of video games

Matt, Chris and CEO Torsten Reil talk us through the importance of physics in creating realistic game worlds and enhancing the games playing experience.

In the Vortex of Power

John Wargo, lead technician at NASA Glenn’s Propulsion System Laboratory (PSL) is performing an inspection on the inlet ducting, upstream of the Honeywell ALF 502 engine that was recently used for the NASA Engine Icing Validation test.