GoPro Releases the Most Adorably Heroic Video to Hit the Internet

GoPro released a new commercial spot for Hero3 that has taken the internet by storm.

Cory Kalanick, a firefighter out of Fresno, California was linked up to a GoPro helmet cam during a mission and on a post-fire walk through managed to find an unconscious kitten. Kalanick managed to nurse the kitten back to consciousness with some water and an oxygen tank. No word on if the kitten ultimately survived, but Kalanick will never have trouble getting a girlfriend for the rest of his life, because if being a firefighter isn’t enough to get you a girl, being a firefighter and rescuing a kitten back to health should be. and if that’s not enough, how about the most popular HD Camera brand in the world makes a commercial from the video of you fighting a fire, while rescuing a kitten.

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