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Unusual Borders Around the World (15 pictures)

Most of the time, a border is an imaginary line that isn’t remarkable in any way, usually not even readily visible. More often than not, the only indication you’ll get when you’re crossing one is a sign that says “Welcome to Oregon” or “You are now leaving California”, while you’re driving on a highway where nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. Some borders, however, are more unusual.

Banksy’s Sirens Of The Lambs (8 pictures + video)

Across New York City this weekend, a slaughterhouse delivery truck is carrying 60 creatures to their death. But this is no ordinary truck and these are no ordinary creatures: the creatures are actually stuffed animals and the truck is a part of Banksy’s Better Out Than In street exhibit. Behold, Banksy’s Sirens Of The Lambs.

25 Things You’re Doing Online That Are Probably Illegal

First of all, internet law is confusing. It constantly changes and we are not lawyers. By the time you get done reading you’ll see how it can even be different depending on where you are. Having said that, if you’re like most people, these are 25 things you’re doing online that are probably illegal.