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Vintage Anti-Communist Ads and Propaganda Posters (15 pictures)

Look out – communists are infiltrating the country with nefarious plans to sterilize our men, steal our women and convert children! Dramatic and overwrought, anti-communist ads and propaganda from the Cold War era attempted to inspire loyalty to democracy and fear of the atomic bomb-wielding enemy.

Bad Facts About the USA (15 pictures)

We hear it all the time, from every corner of the political sphere: There’s no other country on the planet quite like the United States of America. It’s indisputably true that this country is exceptional in a large number of ways.

But there are things you can not be proud of. Let’s see them.

Is China taking over the world?

As China gets richer and richer, it’s buying up more and more of the world’s natural resources — in particular those found in developing countries where it offers aid, loans and investment in return for raw materials. But although China says this money doesn’t come with political strings attached, critics accuse the superpower of exploitation and colonialism.

Prohibition’s Unintended Consequences

The 13 years of Prohibition were some of the worst this country has seen in terms of crime and corruption. Not to mention it was tough to find an affordable drink.

Learn all about the problems that arose from this dark era so you can tear apart the arguments of any teetotalers. Then celebrate your newfound knowledge with a drink, just because you can, dammit.