The Rise Of Mobile Gaming

Are online apps overtaking land based casinos?… To be honest the fairest answer would be ‘it depends on what the trend is, what people are wanting and using.’

What is certain is as smartphones and tablets continue to advance alongside the software that provides the apps many more will turn to them to enjoy their betting.

We all lead busy lives, and many of us enjoy having a bet, which we used to do by visiting our local betting shop, or later on over the phone, but as technology advanced and we were treated to the internet, things were never going to stay the same.

The internet introduced us to a whole new way of gambling, and the gambling industry embraced the internet with open hands, pioneering new technology and innovative ideas. The industry revolutionized and has been moving forward continually over the last decade or so, and continues to do so.

But it was when the smartphone was introduced to the general public that gambling was moved forward once more. The internet let people place a bet or play on their favorite slot or casino game at home or when they could get to a computer, the smartphone allowed people to have a bet or a game whenever and wherever they chose as long as there was a good Wi-Fi connection.

It was then that the apps made an appearance. Apps are the programs that a specifically designed for the operating systems that the smartphones and the tablets run on. Many of the best casino sites in the UK betting now have their own apps, making placing a bet either in-game or before the event as simple as a few touches. This ability to be able to have a bet with total convenience is a win-win situation for both the punter and the company concerned.

Being able to make a bet in less than a minute instead of taking time out to visit the betting shop or waiting to get home to boot up the desktop has made betting a far more acceptable pastime for many.

Yet it is all down to individual choice. We still have many betting shops throughout the country with many people who still enjoy the visit, and the completing of the betting slips, and there are still many that use their laptops or desktop computers to have a bet. Being able to give multiple choices to people is how companies survive in this highly competitive industry, and those multiple choices are what we, as a gambling race, enjoy.